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Ski clothing has more at stake than style. The quality of your snow pants, jacket, gloves, and boots will determine whether you spend a pleasant day on the slopes (if they are good) or you end up slowly freezing yourself from the hands and feet in to your torso (if they are poor quality). Layering is one of the keys to a well prepared day on the slopes, as any ski aficionado can tell you.

The thing that makes layering your ski clothing such a key to a good day outside is that layered clothing allows you to adjust to your surroundings. If you’re out in a windy day (windy days are common in alpine environments) the layers allow you to buffer yourself against the cutting chill of a winter wind. If the wind cuts back, you can take off a few layers and remain comfortable.

For layering your ski clothing, it is best to have a wind and water resistant shell jacket that isn’t too heavy. That way no matter how warm it gets, you still have a barrier against moisture and wind. Underneath that come long sleeve shirts, possibly even a hooded sweatshirt for a cold day. Under those go a t-shirt, and a thermal undershirt (either short or long sleeved). For the bottom half, snow pants, a set of thermal underwear or warm-ups, and some thick socks should do the trick.

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