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Ski jackets have come a long way from their humble origins. The first organized skiers of the modern era were a military unit that trained for mountainous mobility in the Alps. As such they were wearing jackets that were a part of their military uniform. They didn’t have the modern conveniences of water repellent exteriors or thermally optimized micro fibers.

What that first soldier company did have was a soldier’s mentality and toughness. A toughness that led them to try things that few had even dreamed up, much less sought to make into a reality. With their wooden skis and woolen ski jackets, they trained to be able to move on foot through trackless mountains in the middle of winter.

Some skiing military units actually saw combat action. The units in question were Finnish, and they saw action against both the Soviet Union and Germany during the hostilities of World War II. The Finnish military successfully maintained their independence from both countries, who both sought a complete acquisition of the country. One of the keys to their success was that the Finnish units had white gear, including a snow cloak and white ski jacket, allowing them to blend into the terrain.

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