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What to wear to the slopes used to be a no brainer: you bundled up against the cold in whatever was handy and didn’t give fashion a second thought. These days however, the slopes make for a sort of cold weather fashion show to rival anything that Milan can put out. So the once irrelevant question “how does my ski wear look” has become something of pressing concern for many.

It all started with the ski bunnies. This was a term originally reserved for the attractive female that seemed to be more interested in being seen than in catching a great day on the slopes. However it’s evolved to cover anyone who’s out on the slopes looking good. While some ski resorts aren’t much for the “in” crowd, others look like a collection of bunnies rubbing elbows.

The original stigma of a bunny as someone who was more interested in their ski wear than their skiing ability has worn away with time as well. These days, you can look good and still kill the chutes, bowls, and whatever else the mountain can throw at you.

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